B2B Mail In Form


Right now we are running reduced hours and staff. The COVID-19 pandemic has redefined service as we know it. I am only taking signature issues on the blind submission form right now. Anything outside of that will have to be pre-authorized by me before sending. Depending on work loads, not all non signature issues will be allowed Email us first at repairs@cpr-corinth.com for approval to send in. Anything sent in that isn’t a signature issue without prior approval will be sent back at senders expense. We are all in this together so let’s work together to streamline these types of things as best we can. Please make sure your customers aren’t sending their only way to communicate. This way they aren’t bugging you daily and in turn you aren’t bugging us for unneeded updates. Time spent giving these is time spent not repairing things for the mail in and walk in customers. Thank you for you’re understanding.