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Breaking down anything at its core, we find that everything is composed of simple, and replaceable, components. The same is true for the circuit boards inside the devices we work on.

If you own a repair shop, you know all too well the fundamentals of  replacing hardware connecting to these precision-engineered circuit boards. At the end of the day, it’s our main source of income, right? But to the curious mind it’s only natural to ask, “What comes next?”

Doubling down on better parts vendors, more experienced technicians, and a friendlier staff are a great start, but it will only bring you so far. Let’s say you’re a local mom-and-pop, or maybe you’ve got two, three, or even a dozen repair shops and you’re still always on the lookout for new ways to diversify your services and grow your business to new heights.


Let’s face it, the consumer electronics industry is one of the most rapidly growing industries on the planet. You’re looking at this site on one RIGHT NOW!

However, there’s only one problem with this ever-expanding industry: These devices are only getting smaller and more complex every year. As a consequence, parts and equipment are changing sizes, too.

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This is where we, being members of the consumer electronics repair industry, come into play. To keep things short, let’s assume you know how to change screens, batteries, & are even confident enough to take a peek under the hood of those less common devices. Heck, you’ve even solved a few issues that all the other repair shops had never even heard of before.

Felt great, right?

What if I told you there are ways to not only get ahead of the competition, but to go above and beyond it?

When you’re running into problems that aren’t being solved by replacing various combinations of ports, batteries, screens, or any part for that matter, where do you turn?

The only thing left is to inspect that circuit board:

  • A few pins could be dislodged on your LCD FPC(Flat Printed Circuit Cable) connector, rendering image a thing of the past.
  • Maybe the device isn’t booting, won’t hold a charge, or is pulling spastic amperage. A battery and port may not be the only things to blame.
  • What if that tablet’s charging port a child decided to try a iPhone charger on is soldered to the board? Can you replace it?
  • Oh look, someone tried to change their own screen and forgot to remove power. Now they have a shorted backlight line.
  • Don’t let that customer fool you. They knew it was water damaged, but now they’re willing to do anything to get their data back.

These are just a few of many examples that we’ve all ran into in the past, but the real question is this:

Were you able to offer those customers the repair?

As shop owners, we owe it to our customers to be at the forefront of development in the repair industry. This includes our knowledge base and ability to offer the repairs necessary to keep our customers happy.

This is where we extend our hand in offering you a chance to expand that knowledge…

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In collaboration with Injured Gadgets™ and other Vendors, Loren Nunley, a fellow repair shop owner who’s been self-teaching in circuitry level repair for over three decades, is now offering a five day, circuit board level soldering & BGA re-work course in his hometown of Corinth, Mississippi.

In 2010, Loren saw shoes to fill when it came to the new and fast-growing world of consumer electronics repair. Working out of his home, he quickly worked his way up the ranks, working day in and day out to try and solve any and all problems he came across. He continued working with a simple mantra:

“Why toss it when I can fix it? All I need are the tools and a little bit of know how.”

With a hands-on approach in explaining the fundamentals of microsoldering, Loren will mentor you through increasing levels of microscopic circuitry repairs including, but not limited to:

  • Port Replacements
  • Power Button & Switch Replacements
  • FPC Connector Replacements
  • Capacitor, Coil, & Fuse Replacements
  • Trace Running & Rebuilding
  • BGA Removal & Rework (Touch ICs, Tristars, Audio Codecs, Wifi Chips, & many more)

Aside from the repairs themselves, Loren will go into detail on some of the more common failure points, and provide the tools you need for a true hands-on experience that’s necessary in understanding the fundamentals of microsoldering. He will guide you through understanding the many solvable problems that you run into on a daily basis and may not even know it.

He will also be offering a variety of other valuable insight in the repair industry including, but again, not limited to:

  • A comprehensive list of all the tools you’ll be training with in the classroom including everything from soldering wire to BGA rework stations
  • Application of workflow techniques to make your repairs as seamless as possible
  • Basic, fundamental usage of heat transfer and equipment use without furthering damage to the board
  • Equipment usage and maintenance including rework stations, scopes, soldering irons, multimeters, and more.
  • Instruction on board level diagnosis and understanding common failure points and design flaws with popular devices
  • and much more…

“The art of microsoldering begins with knowing how to use heat transfer to your advantage. Along with this, I’ll show you fundamentals that will vastly expand your knowledge base and cut many months, if not years off your learning time. You’ll work in a hands-on environment to hone your skills and leave with an understanding that will not only improve your customer’s experience, but will allow you to offer many more services, expand your clientele, and leave you with the knowledge to do in-house board level repairs on your own terms.”

-Loren Nunley

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Hear what some of our past students have to say about the course

Five star microsoldering training experience!  Loren Nunley is a one of those rare personalities that can teach as well as perform the technical repairs.  His style is down to earth, patient, and professional, although he will absolutely push you to match his standards for doing repairs with the highest level of technical precision. I considered taking a course online instead, but it’s 101% worth it to invest in in-person training like this because Loren was able to observe what I was doing wrong and advise me on the corrections for instance how I’m tending to hold tweezers and irons in the wrong way and sabotaging myself. Honestly I did train elsewhere a few years ago but I was still lacking in fundamentals. I could have saved myself alot of time and money and if I just started here to begin with. This course is hands-on and highly organized, and I couldn’t be any happier and more excited to start applying what I learned back in my own shop.  Thank you Loren for reigniting my passion to be a better technician.

-Dawn Heller iDropped Edwardsville, PA

“I have benefited very much in my business from this. We do about $1,000 a month in just charging ports, we’re able to do same day repairs now rather than having to outsource them. I very quickly learned that Loren knows more than I could ever hope to know, but he has been so helpful in responding very quickly in answering questions I didn’t know even after the training. I definitely recommend it.”

-Misty Waller The Phone Revival Albany, GA



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